Dye Bath Auxiliaries & Additives

Alkali Substitute
  1. It replaces soda ash and saves cost, reduces COD, BOD, TDS in the effluent
Silciate Substitute
  1. Auxiliary to replaces Silicate completely in the CPB dyeing
Dye Fixing Agent
  1. Non-Formaldehyde Dye fixing agents
  2. Fixing agents which ensures there is better chlorine resistance
Dye Bath Lubricants
  1. Nonionic Lubricating agents
  2. High Alkali & high temp with leveling stable lubricant
Soaping Agents / Wash Off Agents
  1. Soaping agents based on acrylic polymers
  2. Soaping agents based on EO and polymers
  3. Soaping agents based on Maliec anhydrides
Dye Bath Conditioner
  1. Unique formulation for FTR dyeing
Sequestering agents
  1. High alkali stable sequestering agents to give the right dyeing results