Desizing :
  1. Standalone products based on Alpha Amylase
  2. Multi-component Alpha Amylases (require no wetting agent, Lubricant)
  3. High Temperature Alpha Amylase desizing enzyme
Biopolishing : Acid and Neutral
  1. Biopolishing with low or almost no colour loss
  2. Biopolishing with softening and wash out appearance
Acid Enzymes:
  1. Acid Enzyme with high color pull out and aggressive
  2. Acid Enzymes with fast action but Least strength loss
Neutral Enzymes:
  1. Cold Neutral enzyme for Nil back staining and maximum contrast FOR FABRICS AND GARMENTS
  2. Hot neutral enzymes with aggressive wash profile to achieve Results with & without pumice stones for garments
Peroxide Killers,
  1. Enzyme based Peroxide Scavengers
  1. Scouring cum preparatory agents for fibre/ fabric Pretreatment