Garments Processing Chemicals

Cationisng Agents
  1. To deliver high cationic charge for pigment dyeing
Dye Bath Lubricants
  1. Nonionic Lubricating agents
  2. High Alkali & high temp with leveling stable lubricant
Acid Enzymes :
  1. Acid Enzyme with high color pull out and aggressive
  2. Acid Enzymes with fast action but Least strength loss
Neutral Enzymes :
  1. Cold Neutral enzyme for Nil back staining and maximum contrast FOR FABRICS AND GARMENTS
  2. Hot neutral enzymes with aggressive wash profile to achieve results with & without pumice stones for garments
Cationic Softners
  1. Natural oil based Cationic softening agents
  2. Concentrated cationic softeners which can be diluted
  3. Esterquat based softening agents
  4. Pourable / pumpable concentrated cationic softeners
Nonionic Softners
  1. Non yellowing Softeners
  2. Hydrophilic softeners
Silcione Softners
  1. Microsilicones
  2. Macro silicones
  3. New generation Block silicones formulations
  4. High performance Hydrophilic silicones
  1. Low formaldehyde resins
  2. Low temp cure resins
Neutralising Agents
  1. Bleach neutralizing agents
  2. PP neutralizing agents
  3. core alkali neutralizers
Antibacstain Agents
  1. ABS based on Polymers for Nil Backstain results
  2. Concentrated paste ABS
Soaping Agents
  1. Ecofreindly EO based soaping agents to remove the back stain
  2. Soaping agents for high temp & high alkali bath