Wetting Agents
  1. Low foam Wetting Agents and Scouring Agents,
  2. Low temp Catalytic Wetting agent
  3. Wetting agents with good rewetting properties
  4. Wetting agents with high alkali stability
  1. Nonionic Zero foaming Lubricants Reduces fibre to fibre and fibre to metal Friction
  2. Lubricant which have Very high reduction of COF can with stand high temperature
Sequestering Agents
  1. Sequestering agents based on EDTA
  2. Phosphonates &
Peroxide Stablilizers
  1. Conventional Stabilisers Inorganic
  2. Organic stabilisers with Nil Magnesium salts
Peroxide Killers
  1. Chemical Peroxide Scavengers
  2. Enzyme based Peroxide killers
Stain removers
  1. Organic stain removers which improve the scouring efficiency
  2. Various Stain removing formulations
Core Alklai & Bleach Neutralisers
  1. Organic alkali neutralizer